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Oyunlar Eğlence RPG Macera
Geliştirici: Simon Mitev

This is the right tool for everyone whos playing EVE ONLINE and need to convert ETC60 into ISK or convert ISK into playing time.

Iskies will keep you informed about the actual average sell price and average buy price for a single ETC60 of Eve Timecode Bazaar, right on your iPhone.

If you want to convert ISK from within the game just setup your desired SELL price and Iskies will let you know when the right moment has come.

The same if you want to sell ETC60 and convert it into ISK. Setup a BUY price and Iskies will let you know when there are buyers available on the forum ready to pay that price.

It could not be easier!

IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest that you always use the official and secured procedure for converting codes into ISK. For more information visit the forum on the main web site:

ISK is a virtual currency of EVE ONLINE.
EVE ONLINE is a product of CCP, Iceland.